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What The Footie: David Stevenson on Performance Analysis & Working with World Class Coaches

On Football and Business Podcast, What The Footie, Davide Stevenson breaks down the business of football.

football and business podcast

This week’s What The Footie Podcast is with David Stevenson, former Head of Academy Recruitment & Analysis at Rangers FC and Head of Scouting & Performance Analysis at the Scottish Football Federation. David is currently a Lecturer in Sports Management at the University of Stirling.

In this exclusive, Paul & David discuss the evolution of performance analysis, getting by-in from players and coaches, how analysis differs in an academy environment vs a 1st team environment, how performance analysis fits interacts with other high performance departments, how to effectively communicate with players, technology, scanning in football, tactical innovation and so much more.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1) The evolution of performance analysis in football...

2) How to effectively communicate complex and technical information to players, coaches and managers...

3) In depth insight into wider football innovations (i.e. analysing new formations/systems, the growing research and importance of scanning & more).

What The Footie is the football and business podcast that goes behind the scenes. From the backroom staff to the board of directors, click here to listen to the biggest agents, directors and deal-makers in the game.


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