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What The Footie: Joe Foster on Founding Reebok, Sports Marketing & Leadership

On Football and Business Podcast, What The Footie, Joe Foster, Founder of Reebok breaks down the business of football.

football and business podcast

This week’s What The Footie Podcast is with Joe Foster, Founder at Reebok.

In this exclusive, Paul & Joe discuss Reebok's growth story, the future of sports marketing, how sport influences streetwear, Reebok making a return into football, sport as an entertainment business, building a winning high-performance culture and where he thinks Authentic Brands Group can take Reebok over the next decade.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1) The future of sports marketing.

2) How to create a winning high performance culture.

3) The future of Reebok under the umbrella of Authentic Brands Group...

What The Footie is the football and business podcast that goes behind the scenes. From the backroom staff to the board of directors, click here to listen to the biggest agents, directors and deal-makers in the game.


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