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What The Footie: Akin Solanke-Caulker on Working with Haaland & the Future of Sports Agency

On Football and Business Podcast, What The Footie, Akin Solanke-Caulker, Founder & CEO of The Athletic Network breaks down the business of football.

football and business podcast

This week’s What The Footie Podcast is with Akin Solanke-Caulker, Founder & CEO of The Athletic Network.

In this exclusive, Paul & Akin discuss his recent work with Erling Haaland, the marketability of footballers, our love for US sports culture and how football is crossing over with other sports and industries, as well as the growth of and the commercial opportunities for the women's game and the future of sports agency.

Check out Part 1 with Akin back in Episode 25.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1) How athlete brand building and sports marketing work?

2) Why cross-pollination is the most important word in athlete brand building?

3) Where the future of sports agency lies...

What The Footie is the football and business podcast that goes behind the scenes. From the backroom staff to the board of directors, click here to listen to the biggest agents, directors and deal-makers in the game.


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