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What The Footie: Buying A Premier League Club? Trophy Asset Or Growth Play?

On Football and Business Podcast, What The Footie, host Paul Musa breaks down the business of football.

football and business podcast

This week’s What The Footie Podcast is all about buying a Premier League Club and valuations.

With the news that Chelsea is for sale for £3bn, I delve into where the growth opportunities lie and where the American bidders see untapped potential. Forbes recently valued Chelsea at $3.2bn, making them the 25th most valuable sports team and way behind several US franchises.

For further insight into this topic and the sub-topics mentioned check out previous episodes with with Anna Mitchell, Simon Gubisch, Laurie Pinto, Daniel Beckley , Steve Madincea and Kieran Maguire.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1) Why US Sports franchises are so valuable?

2) Why American investors have an appetite for investing in English football and the Premier League?

3) Where do the growth opportunities lie when you are paying top dollar for a Premier League club?

What The Footie is the football and business podcast that goes behind the scenes. From the backroom staff to the board of directors, click here to listen to the biggest agents, directors and deal-makers in the game.

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